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Your Joomla web site not only gives you the ability to create content, things that you create links to from a menu but also the ability to put boxes of information around the edges of your web site these are called Modules. Currently we can see a few on this site. Main Menu and the Login Form. In the next series of lessons we're going to customise these modules and create new ones and move some around. Where they appear on your web site depend on your template.

They go in something called positions. In order to see what positions are available we need to enable the treasure map. Go to your administrator and select the Template Manager Select Options and here you can see Preview Module Positions It's currently disabled. To find the module positions click on Enabled and Save & Close When you now to go to your web site you can add a special url at the end to reveal the positions. and thats ?tp=1 Template Positions equals one Once you have done that boxes will appear on the screen outlining all the positions available in your template. Including ones that currently don't have anything in them.

So we can see here that this one Main Menu is in Position-7 and the one below it the Login Form is also Position-7 because we can have multiple modules in the same position. This treasure map of the module positions is very powerful and useful but you should always remember to disable it once you've found the positions you need for your web site.

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